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Biodiversity Net Gain

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One tool made available to developers to overcome objections to developments on the grounds of loss of habitat is the concept of ‘Biodiversity Net Gain’. This is a mechanism that allows developers to substitute habitats, i.e swap one piece of… Continue Reading →

Bob Goodman

@bobcombedown Bob Goodman’s  support for the Tufa Field Campaign has been vociferous, passionate and welcomed. The response of Avon Wildlife Trust, who we might expect to be at the forefront of Ecological Emergency actions,  is disappointing and bewildering. The loss… Continue Reading →

Slow Worm Investigation at the Tufa Field

So another embarassing event for BathNES Council. The Council has concluded its ‘investigation’ and decided that ‘no slow worms were harmed during the clearance of the Tufa Field’. We are left to conclude that this was in fact an act… Continue Reading →

BBC Radio4 – Translocation

Translocation is a live subject at the moment. Listen to this piece from the BBC R4 Today programme about HS2 and translocation. The idea that people can somehow re-create habitats that nature has spent years building, veers between arrogance and… Continue Reading →

The Tufa Field Interviews -BBC Radio Bristol 16/10/2020

Here’s a link to an interview on BBC Radio Bristol’s Emma Britton show. The Slow worm massacre, planning decisions and the Ecological emergency are covered in the discussion.

Cabinet meeting

This week’s BATHNES cabinet meeting will include representations from the FELF group. The meeting is available to view on Zoom and starts at 18:30 on Thursday. Undoubtedly questions will be asked about the Tufa Field Slaughter and the ongoing Ecological… Continue Reading →

Storm Alex

Approximately 26mm of rain fell over the weekend, directly onto our field, that equates to about 220 cubic metres of water. In addition, the feeding springs from Odd Down added to this. Of course all of this was absorbed by… Continue Reading →

Messages of support

The website has had many messages, some appalled at the crass slaughter of a protected species, some appalled and confused at the Council’s actions in approving the loss of a significant green space and unique habitat at the same time… Continue Reading →

Streams running again

After the recent dry spell the eastern stream dried to a trickle, (the main stream never dries). But today it rained and the streams are flowing again.

Site Launch – Update

We have added zoom control to the mobile version of this website, but on advice have decided not to allow user camera control at the moment. There is also more content, and a contact page to get in touch. Anyone… Continue Reading →

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