Destruction of a habitat

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Bath Voice

The May 2021 edition of Bath Voice is out now. Here is the text of our article featured in this edition. The Tufa Field – Touchstone for a policy When Bath and Northeast Somerset Council passed plans to build 37… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufa Field – 22/04/21

  Today we added another bird to our roster, the green wood pecker, Picus Viridis. This bird needs woodland with open field to hunt, so the Tufa Field is ideal for it. Listen out first thing in the morning from… Continue Reading →

Avon Wildlife Trust

We are very pleased to accept the support of Avon Wildlife Trust in our efforts to protect the Tufa Field. Avon Wildlife Trust is your local advocate for protecting wildlife, caring for our environment and providing education and information for… Continue Reading →

National Grassroots Campaign

We are pleased to have been welcomed to the national grassroots campaign This national resource links campaigns across the UK that address local issues with a common theme –  the loss of our green spaces. While local campaigns highlight local… Continue Reading →

Slow Worm Watch

Following the slaughter of the Tufa Field Slow Worms by the Council’s contractor last year, we are anxiously awaiting to see if any survived in the field. We at least know that some survived in adjacent gardens, here is a… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufa Field- 28/03/21

Flooding and the Tufa Field

Surface water flooding is a constant feature  in the Tufa Field. Rainwater runoff from the hill above and the permeable nature of the underlying geology, means that frequently and unpredictably, springs form. Some of these are the permanent springs that… Continue Reading →

Spring in the Tufa Field

As spring starts, the Tufa Field is coming to life as well. Here you can view and listen to the beginnings of the Dawn Chorus. This will swell in intensity over the next two months reaching a climax in late… Continue Reading →

‘High Risk’ Bath Identified in new National Trust Climate Change Map

A shocking new National Trust Map released today shows the continuing threat posed by climate change. The Bath area is picked out as particularly susceptible to Slope Collapse and Soil Heave due to excess rainfall and flash flooding.  The Tufa… Continue Reading →

Images from the Tufa Field – 03/03/2020

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