In August 2020 Bath & North East Somerset Council granted itself permission to build 37  executive houses on one of the last greenfield sites within Bath. The site is of great ecological importance, extending the adjacent SNCI (Site of Nature Conservation Interest)  and contains Tufa flushes that are unique in the City.

This website lets you watch the destruction of this habitat in real-time. Our cameras monitor activity on the site so you can watch events unfold.

So why are we doing this.?

We think it is important that democratic decisions are subject to transparency and auditing. Planning decisions such as these should be set in the context of their actual consequences, not just the expected or predicted outcomes presented at decision time. This way, those making those decisions can properly be held accountable for their actions.

It also seeks to inform the principal question raised by these actions.

“How do we protect our urban Green Spaces?”

We divide the website into two – our permanent pages try to reflect a fair and balanced view of the current position. We try hard to make sure that facts are checked and reflect reality, and we correct factual mistakes or misrepresentations. 

In our blog pages, we allow polemic and opinion to be represented. These are necessarily skewed to a particular opinion, but are moderated – we do not allow rage, intended or unintended libel or unreasoned argument to  be published.

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